about me

Once upon a time ...


The story of my life begins by the sea, in Genoa, a city that I carry in my heart for its colors, moods and for the innate nature "sarvaega" (an exquisitely Genoese term halfway between wild and grumpy) that distinguishes it. I landed in this world, which always and despite everything remains wonderful, in the late afternoon of a warm september day in the mid-50s at exactly 5 o'clock. Ah, I forgot... my name is Cristina Unterberger. I am a Libra with a strong Aquarius ascendant, that pinch of healthy madness in perfection, always sought after but unreachable - time has taught me so - of my Solar Sign, ruled by Venus with the "paw" of Saturn.  This is for lovers of Astrology, given also the name of the site Angels and Stars you are visiting right now.  Angels for truth came relatively late. But let's go in order, otherwise I risk to go off topic, which I ofter did at school. I lived in Genoa until I was 13 years old and I left it, reluctantly, for reasons that I did not understand then and that even today are not completely clear to me. I had a serene childhood overshadowed only by my father's absence. But that's the way it had to go and since then life has been going down and up, far away on other stairs, as I wrote in a poem.  This "far away" was Milan, which in the meantime I learned to love very much. 
In Milan I met my husband (Aries), my children were born (both  Cancer Signs), I worked and still work with words, with languages (Italian and German) the two chambers of my heart, my mother and my father who I love in the same way. Slowly, slowly we get to the angels. To open the way to them was Kabbalah, the science of angels, and Hebrew, the language of angels as Pico della Mirandola said, great humanist, among the first Christian Kabbalists.
A path made of encounters with many common people and teachers, where the most precious teachings often came to me and come from the first.  I am grateful to both of them for having transmitted to me a knowledge that with time I have given myself permission, no one else can do it, to develop and shape with personal elements. So I created the OTIOT cards, the Mandala of the Angels, the Tree of your Life, the cabalistic portraits. In short, all that I have collected in this place where you, as reader , are now. Creativity has made me rediscover "the imprint of my soul" which is not what we do to survive, but what we are and what nourishes our soul with joy.
And the (fairy)-tale obviously still goes on ….