The Mini-Horoscope reproduces in synthesis and symbolically, through the corresponding Hebrew letters, the three main aspects of each horoscope: the Zodiac Sign (right), the Ascendant (left) and the Midheaven (top). Why kabalistic? Because in Kabbalistic astrology the symbols of the Zodiac Signs are replaced by the corresponding Hebrew letters which, being at the same time also numbers, provide a numerical response that gives access to meanings of the birth chart, otherwise not visible. Since the hebrew letters themselves are energy vectors, the mini horoscope can also be used to meditate by simply observing their form.
It is an acrylic on canvas (13x18) so in fact a small painting, made with saturated colors, practically without water, except for a few drops of a particular energized water.
 Each MINI-HOROSCOPE is painted by hand and to order. When ordering, you can specify your preferred background colour. To make it you need the classic data necessary to calculate a birth chart: place, date and time of birth.
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