what is gematria ?

Gematria is a kabbalistic method of interpreting hebrew words based on the numerical value of letters. Individual words, but also whole sentences sharing the same gematria are correlated, even if of opposite meaning. It is one  of the methods of analysis used in Kabbalah.
Gematria is also applied to decrypt meanings hidden within the Hebrew Bible by their numerical value. This system makes it possible to make real "spiritual" equations that allow a glimpse of connections with other planes of reality. Applied to your name and surname it gives you an insight on hidden meanings and potentialities.


18 = LIFE

One of the most famous examples is the Hebrew word chai, חַי ("living"), composed of the letter chet (numerical value 8) and jod (numerical value 10). Added together they give as a result the number 18 considered in Jewish tradition a lucky number because it is always associated with life. It is for this reason that since time immemorial the two letters are worn (in the form of a pendant or bracelet) as an amulet.



This gave rise to the idea of the "postcard of life" an acrylic on canvas (10x15) handmade and energized. You can choose between different background colors. The "postcard" is a gift idea, not expensive but precious, for yourself or for the people you love. On the back, signed and numbered, you can add your name and that of the recipient.



what is the gematria of your name?



The principle of analysis described above is applied to your Name and Surname (which are first analysed separately and then added together). If you have several proper names, it is good to indicate them all because each one has its own vibration.
The source language of the first or last name is irrelevant. In other words, you can work on poper names in Italian, English, German or any other language since they must first be transliterated into Hebrew.
In the example opposite, chosen at random, the ghematria of the name Rosa is shown. Note the wonderful numerical correspondence with the Hebrew word "perfume" which is worth exactly 218 like the name Rosa!  On purpose, and for reasons of privacy, I have not reported the full name (i.e. first and last name).
The interpretation, commented via skype, is sent in pdf format.


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Example: the gematria o the italian name Rosa