Biblical Homeopathy

In the biblical story the expulsion from Paradise, that Garden in which God on the third day on earth "made grass grow, plants that produce seeds, trees (from) fruit that produce each his own species", so that the human being could eat from it, is intimately connected to the act of eating. If sin is the fruit of this action, or rather of eating, its rectification or rather its remedy, as homeopathy teaches, must be similar. The importance that is given to food is reflected in the strict rules that establish the (kasherut) purity of food followed by Jews not only the orthodox ones. There are many prohibitions and some concessions. And that of the tree of knowledge (of good and evil) was the first ever that the human being, like a capricious child, did not follow. "No, I want that fruit there!" The famous apple was not because the name of the fruit in Genesis is not specified. More reasonable to think it was a fig tree, whose leaf covered the nudity of the first couple in the biblical narrative. But then why blame the poor apple? Perhaps because the word malus in Latin means both evil and apple. However, this apple was indigestible to Adam, so much so that it remained right in his throat: Adam's apple!
But let us return to the story where the human being is expressly told "Here I have given you all the plants that are on the face of the earth ... they will be for you to eat them.  Once away from Paradise, no longer covered with light. but with skin, in Hebrew the two words are pronounced in the same way, but are written with two different letters, Adam and Eve find themselves here on this Earth and what do they do? They start hunting and hunting the animals, the living creatures (fishes, birds, beasts) that God creates before us! If their purpose was to become hams or steaks, God would have told us clearly.
Coming to us, as descendants of that "wicked" what can we do? If we do not become vegetarians, or even vegans, this is an individual choice that God always leaves us with the gift of the free-will  which is not even given to angels, we can still give great importance to food, to the selection (birur) of those foods that our stomach is really able to "digest" especially in these Aquarian times that aren't just fun and games, since the Ruler of Aquarius is Uranus. You don't need to be an astrology expert to understand it. In the Sepher Yetzira (an ancient and famous Kaballah text) the sense of eating is associated precisely with the Sign of Aquarius. The idea is to eat consciously, to bless food, even if not ritually, but simply with gratitude in the knowledge that food also contains sparks that go to nourish the spiritual dimension of the organs. I feel like extending this awareness also to the act of drinking. Drinking water not only as it appears but as it is in the very essence: The same water we are made of!  Thinking that every sip, every drop is a carrier of healing. Because that's the way it is! Then enjoy your meal and Prosit, cheers!,