The "Name" of Prosperity

The 45th of the 72 Names of God / Angels has its zodiacal domicile from 10° - 15° of Scorpio. It is formed by the Hebrew letters samech-aleph-lamed (reading from right). Its numerical value is 91. It is part of a restricted group of names formerly used also as seals/amulets for their particular characteristics. This is in fact the Name of Prosperity. Intimately connected with Psalm 145 and in particular the acronym of the beginning of verse 16 - "You open your hand" whose gematria is also  91. The opening of the hand (of God) and prosperity are made of the same "numerical substance".

An amulet for abundance to carry with you and to meditate on by "lighting the letters". If you want to use it as  a mantra chant Sa-Aa-La alternating it with the word Amen which is worth 91 too! The guardian angel that springs from this root is Sehaliah.


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