The MINI-HOROSCOPE was born during the recent quarantine, which actually lasted more than 40 days. However, quarantines are always periods of transit, crossing the most different "deserts" and above all gestation. It is not by chance that it is exactly the time it takes the human being to form in the darkness of the womb. But back to the Mini-Horoscope. To reduce a Birth chart would actually be impossible, because it is a set of many facets that together form an absolutely unique picture. There are, however, some ingredients, let's say basic, on which the puzzle is built: the Zodiacal Sign or Sun of birth (what makes us say, for example in my case, I sam a Libra), the Ascendant, and the Midheaven. A bit like three threads of the warp that then intertwines with the thick weft of other aspects. Already the fact that they form a triad is in itself evocative and leads to different readings such as theses-antithesis-synthesis or yesterday-today tomorrow. What fascinates me the most, however, and that I use for the reading is to consider the Zodiacal Sign as the EGO, that is how our Ego acts. In my case I act as Libra. Someone could now ask me: "but where is the symbol of Libra? It is not there, or rather it is replaced by a Hebrew letter, as usual in Kabbalistic astrology. In this case it is the letter ל lamed (right) whose numerical value is 30. It follows that also the Sign in which my ascendant is found will be represented by a letter: צ (tzade) on the left where in every horoscope is always found the Ascendant. The value of the tzade is 90. It remains the third one (at the top like the Midheaven or summit of the 10th House) which in my case is the letter samech, which represents the Sign of Sagittarius and has a numerical value of 60. Have I lost my marbles giving you all this numbers?  Not at all because through the "numbers". i.e, numerical value or gematria you can access to meanings that are not visible, they are hidden in the number. In addition to the single letter/number, the sum of the three is of course also evaluated. Calculate it yourself. But let's go back to the thread: of the Sun of birth I have already said, the Ascendant represents in opposition to the EGO our SELF, the part not immediately visible, especially in the first part of life. We could also say the INCONSCIOUS in opposition to the CONSCIOUS (Sun). The third element above can be read as HIGHER SElf, the purpose, what the soul wants to realize in this incarnation. Which in my case must have something to do with the Sign of Sagittarius.
It should be added that being an artistic work (acrylic on canvas) but above all symbolic, it is not even necessary to know all these things. The Hebrew letters are waves of form and energy vectors  that act in silence and can also be used as an instrument of meditation. The only thing left to chance, if it exists, is the background colour you can be indicate at the moment of the order (this is the link that leads to the SHOP) together with the classical data required for every horoscope: place, day and time of birth.