Franz Kafka's Tree of Life 1.part

I would like to start from a general consideration on the particularity of his birth chart, which I have never found until now, given the fact that on the planets and consequently on the corresponding sephirot on the tree of life, there are 6 names of God in Hebrew on the drawing. Thus 6 angelic powers composed in turn of 3 angels each, 18 angels in all. Moon number par excellence for various reasons, not least that also in classical tarot the arcane XVIII is the Moon in perfect harmony with the cancerous matrix of the sun of Kafka's birth. To these is added the powerful full name of MikaEl (Archangel Michael). Franz Amschel Kafka, impossible not to consider also his Jewish name, was born on July 3, 1883 in Prague. I do not know if he was an Angel, certainly he was an extraordinary messenger of meanings that go well beyond the most learned academic interpretations of his texts. I believe that this could be one explanation, among a thousand others already made and to be made, of the extraordinary impact that he has had and continues to have on a vast number of people in whatever language the texts are read.


This ability of his to communicate outside the box, even of time, can already be grasped through a classic reading of a very crowded 11. house. Kafka wrote in a language placed in a future stretching connected with his Jewish past, with its roots. In an extremely bare German, typically Prague, but as sharp and precise as an axe, he describes situations but above all conditions of the soul of universal scope, using with unparalleled skill a language that will cruelly be the same as that of those who will tear out many Jewish roots without mercy. There are many similar cases in literature and other fields. His ability and his love for writing, inseparably connected, are confirmed by the very close proximity of Mercury and Venus. In a cabalistic interpretation, this leads to having the same words on the corresponding sephirot chokma (the intuitive faculty to synthesize the mass) at the top right on the tree of life, and on binah, the intelligence, on the opposite side, which presides, among other things, over the faculty of writing, to give shape to the words that swim in chokma as in a tank. Try to imagine them! Let's go back to Franz and his life writing. Although Kabbalistic astrology does not consider it, for many complex reasons, it seems to me worthy of note the presence of Lilith in 3. house (to be precise at 23° and 9 of Libra) traditionally the house of the brothers. This could also be interpreted as the very early death of two brothers (Georg, born September 11, 1885 Heinrich, born September 27, two years later). I wonder if the choice of calling the character of the Metamorphosis Gregor (same letters as Georg, the dead brother) had a deeper meaning for Kafka. Returning to the 3rd house, the best known is that he had three sisters who certainly survived him but to make a tragic end victims of the Holocaust. The first of the three sisters Elli (Gabriel) was born on September 22nd as already analyzed in other contexts the dates around the end of September that coincide with the feast of Yom Kippur (day of Atonement!) have a decisive role and at this point I would say already written in heaven in Kafka's writing-life. It is known that he wrote the verdict on the night between the 22nd and 23rd of September 1912 all in one breath (the feast fell exactly two days before). The numbers really dance in front of our eyes.