At the Beginning...

At the beginning ... is understood to be the beginning of every beginning, that is, the beginning of the Book of Genesis where we are told that God began by creating heaven and earth. If you look at the photo with the original hebrew text  (bereshit barà Elohim et hashamaim ve et ha aretz), you will notice, also because it is highlighted in yellow, a little word of only two letters, that is, et preceding heaven and earth. That "particle" is not translated because in Hebrew it serves to introduce an object complement, the infamous accusative that answers the question who or what? What did God create? Heaven and earth. Now let's level up, or if you prefer, let's go deeper. Since nothing in the Bible is random and answers not so much grammatical as spiritual rules, the Kabbalists have proposed another possible reading.
In Principle God created 2 letters, the aleph and tau, the first and the last of the alphabet, the whole alphabet. The words of Revelation resonate here: "I am the alpha and the omega, the first and the last the beginning and the end".  Jesus would have said: I am the aleph and the tau, since his language was not Greek! The 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet are like the 22 chromosomes that give rise to life. If we commute (i.e. invert the position) of the two letters we get you instead of et.  So the last and the first letter. This little word te instead has a meaning (even in modern Hebrew): it is the word cell ! In the cells of which we living beings are made there is written everything !
To the 22 chromosomes we then add 1 (the sexual one), taking into account that the ONE-Aleph always indicates the spirit that is blown up, we arrive at 23 which is the ghematria (numerical value) of the word chaià, or life. Without that extra ONE, only blood would remain, dam in Hebrew, which is worth 44. In the blood (of which I have already written in other posts and to which I will return) flows the genetic patrimony of the mother and the genetic patrimony of the father. 22+22=44. If to the 44 we add again that ONE-Aleph-Spirit we arrive to 45, that is the ghematry of the word Adam (the human being) !We could go on ... but for now it's enough, otherwise we run the risk of going crazy :-)
The image that opens the post is an acrylic on canvas that represents the 6 days of Creation - beginning from  the top right with the creation of light and ending with the 7th day the shabbat when God ceased to create (the word shabbat (letters shin - bet - tau) can be read, in the center, horizontally from top to bottom).

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