"Blood Test"

To understand the spiritual function of blood it is necessary to analyze the root of the Hebrew word blood which is DAM. Break down the word as if it were a chemical compound to see and understand its ontological meaning. It is essential to premise that according to the Kabalah in the blood is contained the vital soul, the first of the five levels of the soul. A-DAM, intended as a prototype of man, is the very image of man inside which the blood flows and which, separated from the spirit, represented by the letter א , becomes a vehicle of aggressiveness and violence instead of just a vital force.  This dual aspect concerns the spiritual function of the liver and heart, the subject of future reflection. Adam is therefore a man made of red earth, both the color red and the word earth belong to the same strain of words, called to turn alchenically red into green, a metaphor for the sap flowing in the tree (tree of life). If we observe in parallel the scheme of the tree of life, already treated previously, we will notice that the red colour is attributed to ghevura, a sephira on the side of rigor.  In the work of analogy on various planes, ghevura corresponds to the planet Mars and to all the attributes (for better or for worse) that level astrology, especially cabalistic astrology, has always associated with this planet. With reference to the symbology of the body that most concerns us, it is interesting to observe that the left side of the tree governs both the blood and the immune system.  Therefore, the ability of our body to face the adversaries, the forces deployed in the field will then be the red and white blood cells with different and complementary functions. The life span of the red blood cell is 120 days. In Genesis 6,3 D-o tells Noah that the life of man is 120 years. In this biblical calculation, but I would prefer to use the spiritual term of time months, days, years, millennia make no difference because it is the intrinsic quality of the number and not its quantity that is significant.  The 12 always refers to the verticalisation that man performs through the 12 dorsal vertebrae that are cosmically reflected in the 12 zodiacal signs. An approach of this kind to the body invites us to study mathematics again and physics also brings us back to school this time to make spiritual equations where we work only by analogy while maintaining an absolute rigor, an adherence to ancient teachings that are however increasingly confirmed by the most recent discoveries in every field, starting with that of physics. Electrons dance around the nucleus just as planets dance around the sun.