Why a "post-card" ?  It's a post-card due to the size (10x15 cm). It's a post-card because you can send or give it to yourself or to people you love as a present to wish them, good health, luck and prosperity. 

"And where is the connection to life "? - some of you may ask. Right in the heart of the postcard: the 2 letters of the Hebrew alphabet chet and jod (reading from right to left) building the word chai which means alive, living. In jewish tradition chai is therefore a symbol of life itself often worn as a medallion around the neck or a pendent in bracelets like the maghen David, the Star of David or the hamsa. 


Chai also refers to the number 18. That’s because each Hebrew letter has a numerical equivalent, and the sum of chet (numerical value of 8) and yud (numerical value of 10) is 18. This is the  so called ghematria, a tool often used by cabalists  giving deep insights in the veiled  meaning of a word or a sentence. As a result of its connection to the word for life, the number 18 is considered a special number in Jewish tradition. For this reason, Jews frequently make gifts or charitable contributions in multiples of 18. This pecularity of the hebrew alphabet allows you work with "spiritual equations" as I ile to call them. Words sharing the same numerical value are made of the same substance, to use a poetic metapher.


Back to the life-postcard, the idea behind is to be able to have this symbol, as good omen ,also in your house, on your desk, on the wall (with a frame), in  your library or wherever you want to bring that kind of energy.

In fact the postcards are artistic works (acrylic on canvas), signed and dated on the back. The colors are used pure, which means without water, except for a single drop of a special energized water.


If you want to have a life post-card  (cartolina della vita in italian), I would suggest starting for yourself, or for someone you care, go straight to the SHOP


Don't forget to  specify the background color (gold - silver - red - violet - green - turquoise - orange).